Ibrahim Metwally, Business Pioneer

Ibrahim Metwally

Business Pioneer

Mr. Ibrahim Biography

Ibrahim Metwally, Egyptian Business Pioneer, was born in Kafr Hegy –  Awlad Saqr Alsharqyia Egypt , Ibrahim was graduated at 2013 -2014
from Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt faculty of commerce (English section) , accounting department , then he got the Master degree of Business Administration (MBA) from University of Northampton , his family was supporting him to achieve his own goals and aims although they were afraid of being Ibrahim extraordinary dreamer , they noticed clearly his desire to become an owner one day , accordingly they tried hard to keep him pace with success . And now! Ibrahim was growing up more and more to get all his family trust , his self-confidence was clear to anyone he deals with , here is Ibrahim had graduated , he was seeking to complete his successful trip , so he decided to travel abroad , first he set his target , second he was working hard to make his dream Pitch his eyes , he studided well he learned to know how to be the one he dreamt , Ibrahim travelled to United Kingdom , United Arab Emiraties and Suidia Arbia , Ibrahim Metwally got masters degree , now he is ready to back Egypt again with  a new character including inside it Interpersonal skills ,Analytical skills ,Leadership skills

Management skills ,Strong communication skills ,relationships ,Realistic optimism ,Willingness to take calculated risks ,Controlled Emotions ,Thinking outside the box, Inclusion in Decision Making ,Keeping abreast of developments ,Adaptability,Reliability and carefully Listening .

Its team to achive ? Ibrahim had created his entity based on successful methdolgy & mechanism , UFAR EG Economy Group is here ! Ibrahim now is UFAR EG Economy Group Chairman ! UFAR Group inculdes 3 platforms are UFAR Real Estate , UFAR Petroluem Services and UFAR Media Agency , not enough , time for achivments ,Ibrahim Metwally has completed his journy within UFAR Petrouleum services which got a share from Ibrahim’s avhives who had signed MOU with the Emiratee Badeal Fz LLC at Natural Gas field and NGV Stations , Ibrahim Metwally is well aware the Egyptian Market , he always keep serching and update that’s why he is a succssful man .

Refeering to UFAR Media Agency was the success partner to UFAR EG Economy  Group and Zahart Alnardin which is responsble for marketing and promitng every new project .

Ibrahim Metwally is not only a dreamer he is also achiever he is an inspirational ,creidabile,strategist ,decision maker, Leader, Flexibile, transparent,openness, interactor ,talented and long life learner.


International certified trainer (I.C.T).

prepares, educates, qualifies, and certifies via a multi-level, state-of-the-industry Train-The-Trainer program within three subsequent levels, These levels represent the extent to which graduates are mastering the Training and Talent Development competencies, Certification levels are Associate Trainer (AT), Certified Professional Trainer (CPT) and Certified Trainer and Human Resources Development Consultant (CT/HRDC).

Business manangement (B.M).

uniquely developed international business degree gives recent graduates the knowledge, skills, and experience to become global managers with excellent international employment prospects. aslo learn and develop the fundamentals of business and management, while developing language and intercultural skills.

Soft skils (S.S).

blend of interpersonal savvy, communication skills, and social intelligence, versatile leaders who have powerful influence and impact on the direction of their organizations and their careers, refer to these competencies as “power skills.”  planning, leadership, teamwork, attention to detail, critical thinking ,success in the workplace ,build relationships, improve productivity, and become a dynamic force in directing positive change with your internal and external clients.

Psychological counseling (P.C).

skills of the professional psychologist, as building existing knowledge to advance career ,This is also a psychology conversion course, introduce and develop understanding of the relationship between the mind, brain, and behaviour, and how this has an effect on society as a whole.

Financial accountant from (Harvard univerisity).

How to prepare and analyze financial statements, Profit and revenue, assets and liabilities, to post transactions to accounts, to prepare a trial balance, balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement, to record transactions using journal entries.

Human development (H.D).

focuses on effective strategies for working, individual development, focuses on understanding the complex issues that occur over an individual’s lifespan, including cognitive, physical, social and family development, Basic counseling skills ,Administration and organization of vocational cooperative education programs Public policy consumers ,Consumer decision-making.

Human Resource (H.R).

How to deliver effective performance feedback, rate employees accurately, and mitigate legal risk , recognize and apply elements of the Total Rewards Framework ,analyze labor relations environments, understanding regulatory and organizational elements and how they affect relationships between management, unions and employees , Identify effective planning, recruitment, and selection practices to align selection and staffing strategies with business strategies, diagnose root causes of suboptimal levels of engagement among different employee groups and identify hypotheses about appropriate solutions.

Business English (B.E).

Elevating language skills and providing with the appropriate language to use in global business environments, Prepare for the modern, cross-cultural business environment, Master industry-related language and terminology, boost confidence in business communication, improve general English skills .

Communication &emotional control.

How to Owning Emotions , building Self-Management Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Being aware of the emotions of others , use emotional intelligence to increase team effectiveness, and participate in and lead emotionally intelligent teams , ability to adapt to different situations,

awareness of environments , how conversations with different people in different situations can impact how to deliver your message , exploring the impact of environment, relationships, and communication style, how to recognize the delicacy of different situations, demonstrates how you can adjust or adapt communication style to ensure you communicate with diplomacy and tact.

Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A).

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Financial analysis and the preparation of budgets and financial reports.

How to solve business goals, improve operations, increase efficiencies and lower costs- access to high quality, non-biased training data sets ,quickly train algorithms and validate machine learning models for crucial decision making and bringing projects to market quickly, safely, and successfully, save time and money by combining deep subject matter expertise.

UFAR EG Economy Group – CEO

UFAR EG Economy Group is new created business entity, founded in 2017 by Mr. Ibrahim Metwally, seeking to rank as a one of the most recognized Entities in Egypt, UFAR strategy has been focused on create strong brand with our clients, youthful ambition blended with experience searching for excellence and leadership, within three platforms: UFAR Real Estate, UFAR Petroleum Service and UFAR Media Agency, UFAR Staff is known by efficiency & Productivity,at UFAR, our precept always and forever is innovation and creativity, accordingly we decided to be the first to apply innovation at all of our company aspects.

We strive all the time to consolidate the principle of development.

UFAR Real Estate Developments

Our systems are built and honed through collaboration with our Real Estate experts &professionals, We continuously gather feedback and insights on the needs of the Egyptian Real Estate Market in order to meet and exceed the expectations, providing high quality services, in addition to a flexible pricing system that fits all consumers categories, offering them an integrated services within the pre-sales phase and during the sale and receipt and after sale phase.

The Urban Communities Authority issued a decision to allocate the company, Session No. 131 dated 02/10/2019, and this decision comes after the great confidence obtained by the Egyptian state authorities in the company. As for Tolan, it is an integrated urban complex full services on an area exceeding 74 acres , Tolan is perfectly located at the middle of Cairo-Ismalia Road as the most selective location for stable life, Tolan is located at kilo 50 Cairo-Ismalia Desert Road as a 5 minutes away from International Medical Center & 20 minutes away from Cairo International Airport & 25 minutes away from New Capital , Features , Tolan provides a variety of services and facilities made it the ultimate destination for all you need for a smart luxury life , also Commercial & Services Area, Set a new standers for modern areas as the most selective exclusive location.

UFAR Petroleum Services

UFAR Petroleum Mission is provides a safe efficient focused work environment based on mutual respect & trust, committed to exceed our clients expectations through progressive technologies and innovative methods , provide Petroleum services supporting exploration, drilling, production and refining of Petroleum according to international  specifications and other services as delivery and transportation for Natural Gas as well as maintenance ,provide Energy technical and non-technical services as vehicles rent and labor transportation,.

We seek to confirm partnerships and collaborations with international companies in the Energy field as the Emirate Badeal FZ LLC signing MOU at NGV Stations.

specialized in Natural Gas & its several sections as Domestic Natural Gas ,Industrial Natural Gas , Packaging LPG ,Natural Gas Services , Connecting Natural Gas Networks , Car conversion from Gasoline into Natural Gas , Natural Gas transportation to consumers , Packing Stations ,Establishing Pressure Reducing Stations , Connecting Compressed Gas.

we are seeking to create good impression for customers as we are working to meet all their requirements ,we are well aware about the giant Egyptian Market, attracting investments, from worldwide investors, we strive at a steady pace to compete strongly to prove our entity  locally and regionally.

UFAR Media Agency

Advertising can be fantastic industry to work in, UFAR Media Agency, is full of talented            teamwork, Media World is too wide , our client is always first ,As a Media Agency Owners, we are always here to make you satisfied, Without marketing, most businesses would fail, marketing plan provided by UFAR Media is a report that outlines your marketing strategy which includes overview of your business marketing, advertising goals and key performance indicators (KPI), and your marketing plan depends on the purpose or the type of your organization ,Our research team consists of people working together in a committed way towards a common research goal. Teams, like individuals and organizations mature and develop, Together with our consultants, researchers are invested in providing differentiated solutions that help our clients build exceptional marketing trip ,UFAR Media Creative team work to dream up and execute advertising campaigns for the clients , our teams is primarily coordinate and create the ad copy and the artwork for various media , following a specific work process ,The primary objective of the creative team is to create a desire towards the client.

Zahrat Alnardine Charity - Cofounder.

Zahrat Alnardine is recent created charity ,Providing social services to support the different classes of Egyptian society within our social file including social sharing &Social assistance ,Providing social monetary and in-kind social assistance to individuals and families who are in need of assistance due to exposure to a health, social or economic emergency that is beyond the control of the person, which would cause unavoidable conditions and affect the income of the individual or the family ,This is according to the result of the social research of the case seeking help according to the provisions of the Egyptian Social Security Law .

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  • Issued from American University of Sciences (A.U.S).
  • Issued from Harvard University.
  • Issued from local agents in Egypt, (future academy and perfect agent).
  • Issued from SAC for Trainning&Consulting.


-Political: supporting the political attitudes of the Egypt towards development processes& supports the principle of sustainable development to serve the nation and the people.

-Economical: Supporting the Egypt’s economic attitudes by launching projects in all fields enhancing  the Egyptian economy in order to achieve the highest possible rate of economic growth.

-social: Emphasizing social support services & Development of the Egyptian society in order to achieve social solidarity