UFAR Petroleum

UFAR Petroleum is providing a technical & non-technical Services in the most qualified and professional level to petroleum Companies in the petroleum sector regarding health , safety , quality standards in providing the services . as well as reaching effectiveness and proficiency in preventing accidents and injuries .

UFAR is seeking to provide the best service in the lowest cost possible through trained labors and increasing the value adds activating and activities that is not depending on labors and the recent activities and some supporting activities to drilling operations like producing maintenance .

Support Services for exploration, drilling, Gas transmission

UFAR provides petroleum services supporting the exploration, drilling ….

Technical and Nontechnical services

UFAR provided the  Petroleum Technical & Nontechnical Services ….

Vehicles rent and Labor Transportation

UFAR Petroleum Services Company, offer car rental services ….

Potable/Drilling water transfer

UFAR provide water to the deployed forces in an undeveloped OA ….

Catering services
Catering services

UFAR Offering outstanding dining options on-site is one way ….

General Trading and Supplies

UFAR’s Suppling of goods and services abide by the under mentioned ….

Traveling services

The travel services sector is made up of a complex web ….

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