Potable / Drilling Water Transfer

UFAR provide water to the deployed forces in an undeveloped OA,

to the forward deployed units in a developed theater, and to the forces that

occupy permanent or semipermanent installations in a developed OA.


UFAR are located and drilled in secure areas in an installation or in the OA by

Service water-well drilling teams , they  are deployed to the OA by air, sea, or ground.

Each team has a truck- or semitrailer-mounted drilling machine.

They use these machines to reach deep aquifers and develop wells.

Teams also have well-completion kits. Kits include the casing, screen, pumps and generators, and other necessary equipment needed to provide an aquifer-to-storage-tank capability.

The teams may depend on supported units for logistical and administrative support.

Transportation support is also usually required to move well drilling equipment and components. For More Services Click Here