Eng. Ahmed Nofal

General Coordinator For Engineering Department


Defines the engineering organization charts, staffing and personnel roles with engineering discipline departments ,Defines provisional manpower histograms and controls the qualification of assigned engineering personnel , Ensures the technical part of the Contract review ,Participates to the induction of the engineering team to contract/project requirements ,Provides instructions to the engineering team through project engineering instructions and procedures ,Ensures the issue, the validation and the maintenance of the project equipment lists and /or other key engineering documents as applicable to each project ,Ensures effective interdisciplinary coordination in particular through weekly meetings. Takes the necessary technical decisions in case of unresolved conflicts between disciplines. Controls that the engineering team properly interfaces with other project members ,Supervises the issue of engineering deliverables and approves the key engineering documents , Participates to project planning definition by providing engineering milestones and requirements , Ensures that engineering activity is compliant with project milestones. Alerts project management in case of unforeseen variation and suggests if needed mitigation measure, Ensures effective technical coordination with Client’s representatives and as such participates to good communication with Client, Consolidates engineering budgets based on discipline departments budgets and controls it during the course of the project. Alerts the Project Management in case of variation and suggests if needed mitigation measures , Supervises the initiation and maintenance of project files , Leads and attends the design and safety reviews and supervises the follow up of the outcomes , Contributes to Project reporting for the engineering part (activities, quantities, budget,areas of concern..) , Participates to contract management by initiating, collecting and consolidating the variation requests and change orders .

Contact Info

(+2) 055 43 89 502 Ext. 107
New Egypt – 102 Al-Sebaq St. – opposite the Merryland park Gate

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