Mr. Mohammed Algemaee

Legal Consultant


Assisting the President and the board of directors to design the company’s overall mission, values, and strategic goals ,Attending meetings with the board of directors and sharing company information ,Leading, guiding, directing, and evaluating the work of other employees, such as Senior Directors and Managers, and ensuring a healthy working environment ,Contributing to sales innovations, strategic business development, and the profitability of the company as determined by the company’s strategic goals ,Evaluating the success of the company in achieving its goals and formulating plans to correct any issues if the company is not achieving its goals ,Managing the daily operations and revenue generation of the company and ensuring its continual growth ,Assisting in maximizing the company’s operating performance and achieving its financial goals ,Assisting in managing the company’s finances, identifying ways to increase revenue and decrease costs, analyzing financial reports, and preparing operating budgets ,Signing documents and making commitments for which the company is legally liable ,Maintaining awareness of competitors, expansion opportunities, customers, markets, and new industry developments and standards, Overseeing daily business operations ,Developing and implementing growth strategies ,Training low-level managers and staff ,Creating and managing budgets ,Improving revenue ,Hiring employees , Evaluating performance and productivity ,Analyzing accounting and financial data ,Researching and identifying growth opportunities ,Generating reports and giving presentations.

Contact Info

(+2) 055 43 89 502 Ext. 103
New Egypt – 102 Al-Sebaq St. – opposite the Merryland park Gate

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