Ms. Alaa Rabiae



Develop and execute strategies that are intended to create and uphold a positive public image for clients , working and forming relationships with public, directors generate new business opportunities, include assigning activities and accounts, as well as approving and reviewing their work ,In addition to supervising public relations specialists and staff, these professionals manage company or department goals and strategies ,responsible for researching public opinion and communicating with investors to enhance the businesses’ reputation in the financial community, include informing executives on market trends, calculating communications budgets, arranging interviews, and preparing speeches ,also work with marketing and advertising managers to ensure advertising campaigns are in line with the company’s image and goals , oversee crisis operations and work to repair a client’s damaged reputation after negative incidents have occurred, keep the public informed through the press and social media tools , develop an image for the client so that the public will view them favorably, develop and implement strategies that will maintain and develop a positive image of their client. They may work for businesses, organizations or individuals.

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(+2) 055 43 89 502 Ext. 107
New Egypt – 102 Al-Sebaq St. – opposite the Merryland park Gate

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