Ms. Mona Abdelaziz

Head Of Languages & Translation Department


Collaborate with managers in order to help shape the company’s vision for their offerings, Translate , Edit and draft all official documents related to organization ,Edit and draft all official mails related to organization , Edit and draft all presentations related to organization ,Edit and draft all official online platforms related to organization , also review data about their audience so that they can ensure the subject matter they’re providing is relevant to their audience. They may work with sales and marketing professionals in order to determine how to expand the audience for their network, provide the focus for the content to their reporting team, train them to authenticate information through proper research and provide training about how to write or produce material that will be compelling and appropriate for their intended audience, oversee the distribution of this content through the platforms they work with, help ensure that their team meets production deadlines, involved with establishing goals and strategies, have good analytical and problem-solving skills, have strong teamwork skills in order to work collaboratively with sales teams and other managers, involves training their staff they should have teaching abilities and be comfortable with public speaking, Written communication skills are essential since write content and teach others to do the same ,high editing background to ensure that the content  distribute is accurate and effectively written ,Photojournalism knowledge is important to work with visual materials, and they also need good organizational and time-management skills so that they can assign tasks and ensure deadlines are met,  familiar with social media platforms and how to use them effectively.

Contact Info

(+2) 055 43 89 502 Ext. 107
New Egypt – 102 Al-Sebaq St. – opposite the Merryland park Gate

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